WOW! The first word that came out on my mouth when I knew that Sining Factory is one of the finalists at The Philippine Blog Awards 2011 for Culture and Arts Category both in Luzon and National Level. 

The Culture and Art category includes the blogs that focuses on different form of arts - including literature, visual arts, performing arts and musical arts. 

The Philippine Blog Awards is an annual recognition of the best and outstanding bloggers in the country. The winners will be announced and awarded on the 3rd of December, 2011 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati. 

Before leaving Yaman Lahi Theatre Guild, I was given a chance to create a dance and perform on stage for the last time. This was granted on the Emilio Aguinaldo's annual cultural presentation in celebration of its foundation day and the school's Arts' Week last 2010.

The event was entitled, "East Meets West"  presenting the different styles of dance and music in the world. During this event different performing art groups showcased their talents in dancing, singing and acting. This was also participated by other dancers internationally and guest performers who also showed another kind and level of dancing. 

Christmas decorating doesn't have to be expensive. You can reinvent and reuse your old Christmas ornaments to make NEW decorations. All you need is to use your creativity and imagination. That is why I am going to make a festive Poinsettia wreath out of my Mom's old Poinsettia Christmas tree ornaments by rearranging it and putting some details. She'd been using these for almost 6 years with the same style and with the same purpose. Now, let us rediscover its use and let us make it NEW.
Creating a tree star out of a plastic bottle, when creatively done, can become a beautiful and symbolic decoration for Christmas. beside from saving a lot, it can also last for lifetime and also you can help our environment. 

First, I would like to Congratulate Sining Factory for being one of the best websites featured in Weebly Forums - Weebly Site Showcase who can be helpful to others. Second, I would like to thank the supporters and readers who always have time to visit my blog and lastly, I promise that the readers and the supporters will be my forever inspiration.

Weebly Forums are choosing best sites that can be featured to give ideas to many Weebly users on how to create their websites. This is according to the creativity and how usable your site will be to others.

The sites featured are designed by independent designers and are shown as examples of what one can accomplish with Weebly. 

Metamorphosis means change of physical appearance or structure and this is the reason why I arrived on this shoot. From male, I transformed my model into a beautiful lady and that is why the title is The Metamorphosis. We are really amazed of those people who are really good in doing make ups so we also tried doing it on ourselves. They say putting make up is like painting, you have to consider aspects like shading, highlighting and many more. And after it, I took photos of my beautiful model. 

This is not an art-related post. I just want to share what we had on Facebook now - a spam trick says "MAKE ME SICK!". 

I just checked my Facebook and saw that I have 2 messages. Both of these messages have the same texts "makes me sick lol" with an attachment on it. I thought it was another campaign like the Breast Cancer Awareness thingy or other but when I opened the attachment, it turns out that it was a Facebook spam.

Pasko na naman? 

At isa sa pinakamaya tuwing pasko ay ang caroling ng mga bata sa kalsada at bumibisita sa bawat bahay para handugan tayo ng mga awiting pamasko. 

Last year, me and my friends did a video singing a famous Filipino song "Pasko na Naman." Trip lang. We are hoping that we can make this as good as we want but we failed since we always laughed when we were recording it.

This is a  great way to recycle your toilet paper tubes by making poinsettia wall decor out of them. This is a great idea for this Holiday Season. Why not spend less on your decorations and use what you already have inside your house. Set aside your money and give more on the less fortunate people that need help from us. By this, you have a quality decoration and at the same time you help others and also our environment. This is the true essence of Christmas.   :)

Orange is one of my favorite color. It is really versatile when it comes to the feelings that it brings. Sometimes orange is happiness, from the sunrise that you always see every morning. It can also mean serenity every time the sun is setting and the sky is filled with tangerine. It can also mean toughness when it is neon or loud.

I was really amazed to see an orange sky late night. This is the first time I felt coldness under the tangerine sky. I love how it blends with the dark sky and gave me the feeling of enlightenment . This is what you can see at the top of Hollywood.