Old CDs that you would normally throw away can be recycled into chic jewelry. Before you throw them away, why not try to make them into a trendy necklace by cutting them into different shapes and attaching each piece on a chain. You can actually make a lot of different kinds of items, but for this tutorial, I will make a necklace. 


Old CDs
Jewelry Making Supplies (Chain, Jump rings, Lobsters or clasps)

1. Using a pair of scissors, cut the CDs into the shapes you want. I used tear, leaf and rectangle shapes in this tutorial.
2. Drill a hole on each piece you made using a sharpened object or a drimmel tool. Be careful on drilling a hole since it can cause an accident.
3. Cut a necklace chain for about 2 feet. Attach a lobster or clasp at one end of the chain. 
4.  Most of the work on this necklace is with jump rings. Start attaching each piece to the chain using a jump ring. Open jump rings by twisting the open ends away from each other using a pliers. You can start at the center and add at each side going up. By this way, you can estimate the volume of the necklace. Now,  close the ring by bringing the ends back together.
5. Continue adding the pieces randomly along each side of the center until you fill half of the chain and reached the desired volume.
6. Now, you're done! It is pretty amazing that your old CDs can be transformed into delicate looking glass jewelry. It really looks trendy and expensive but it is actually made from recycled materials. You can now use your recycled CD necklace in your everyday fashion. And what's good about this tutorial is that you save money and help our nature.
Check other tutorials for different occasions at http://www.siningfactory.com/crafts.html.

If you have good ideas for recycling and crafts and want to share it here, let me know by commenting below. You can also give me an ART CHALLENGE by telling me the materials to use and the artwork you want me to do. :)  
My tutorial is all about saving money and helping our nature. In addition for the tips on saving, here are the tools the price-conscious usually choose.

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wow naman, ang galing!

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Wow! I was amazed by this! I'm actually into designing fashion accessories myself. But I've never come across this kind of material before. Very creative ah! :)

06/26/2012 9:24pm

this is an amazing idea

06/26/2012 9:33pm

Very crafty and resourceful.

06/26/2012 9:51pm

Great craft ideas using things that we usually throw away without second thoughts.

06/26/2012 9:58pm

Wow, this is cool! I have a bunch of cds here that I don't use anymore or that I cancelled burning files into. Thanks for sharing :D

06/27/2012 1:47am

uy this is so cool!!! i'll do this with my kids :) thanks for this post!

06/27/2012 6:02am

This I should try :) Very nice concept and thank you so much for sharing at least now I know what I will do with all the cds that has no use.

06/27/2012 6:29pm

galing nmn nito! i love artsy crafty as well! might try this one soon! xx

06/28/2012 9:26am

Thanks for sharing. Now I can make good use of defective CDs in our house.

Airra Pingol
06/28/2012 11:34am

ooh! this is really nice!

07/02/2012 1:58pm

This should be on Pinterest! :)

Totally love the idea!

07/03/2012 12:56am

It's beautiful! We have plenty of old CD's here. now i know what to do with them.

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I never thought that old CDs can be a cute accessory. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I might transform our old CDs into a trendy necklace one of these days.

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so beautiful post how to make the old jewelry to new fashion .

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