_Flippish.com presents its live streaming shows in an epic launch party.

It’s going to be epic.

Flippish.com, the number one Pinoy online video channel, blasts off the New Year with an all-access launch party entitled: “Now Streaming”. This January 25, 2012, 8:00 p.m. at Seventh High, Bonifacio High Street. Flippish.com officially rocks the World Wide Web to a whole new level.

The night is primed to be a blazing mix of entertainment and interaction as Flippish.com officially launches its livestreaming shows: “Talking Heads”, hosted by radio stars DJ Rico Robles of RX 93.1 as well as DJ Mojo and DJ Jessica Mendoza of Magic 89.9, “Mocha Blog Live”, hosted by Mocha Girls sexperts Mocha Uson and Mae Dela Cerna, “Ashley’s Playlist”, hosted by singer-photographer-Cosplayer Ashley Gosiengfiao, as well as “Happy Endings”, hosted by RX DJ, model, and host Karen Bordador. 
_Chris Tan, managing director of Flippish.com explains, “Now Streaming officially launches our livestreaming shows. This is a game changer for the new, young, active audience. And with over a million visitors a month, Flippish.com is the perfect platform to jump into this whole new level of interactive entertainment.”

Following the Flippish brand of no-holds barred entertainment, Talking Heads co-host DJ Mojo shares his two cents about his new show, “The Internet is an integral part of everyday life and it's cool that our show is blending different media into an online magazine program that is not only informative, but interactive as well. In Talking Heads, it's not just the opinions of the hosts that we present, but also the reactions and insight of our Flippish netizens as well”.

_Chimes in Talking Heads co-host, DJ Jessica Mendoza, “I’m really excited about the show! I’ve never worked directly with Mojo or Rico before, and they’re both such funny, interesting personalities. I’m looking forward to seeing them clash and being in the middle!”

Flippish.com: Now Streaming “…is bound to be a fun evening. The whole Flippish family will be there at Seventh High. Singing, dancing, performing - There's gonna be a little something for everyone. It's the perfect venue to let people know the latest online offerings that Flippish has in store for us!”, adds DJ Mojo. Among other things, Flippish’s resident sexpert Mocha Uson gives us a little hint of what’s to come: “Expect an orgasmic performance from the Mocha Girls. Anything could happen. It will blow them away!”

“It’s a personal and live celebration for the new hosts and the new shows. You can also expect a lot of your favorite artists and all the online celebrities that you have seen in Flippish. It’s going to be an epic eyeball party!” Chris Tan concludes.

The Flippish launch party on Jan 25 will be as follows:   a sexy number from the all-women group The Mocha Girls, singer-dancer and first-runner up winner in GMA's Pinoy Pop Superstar Brenan, multi-awarded Fil-Am musician Amber Davis (with producer Marcus Davis), Timabaland Productions protegee Mica Javier, as well as American singer and web phenomenon David MiMuzio. The 7th High resident deejays, DJ Carlo Atendido and DJ Nampu Kawamoto, will be spinning their music during the afterparty.
Now Streaming will definitely be one of a kind and everyone can watch the party as it streams live on www.flippish.com. To win exclusive tickets and join the epic party, “Now Streaming”, tune in daily at www.flippish.com or visit www.facebook.com/flippish.

Contact Ella Palileo at ellapalileo@idealminds.tv for more details.

*Flippish.com is powered by Ideal Minds Corporation, the award-winning independent production and post-production house behind ‘It’s A Guy Thing’, ‘Single’, MTV Philippines’ ‘Homecoming’ and the acclaimed TV show ‘The Misadventures of Maverick and Ariel’.

_Get Free Tickets from Sining Factory

I will be joining the Flippish.com Launch Party and I am giving away 5 pairs of general admission tickets to my lucky readers who want to attend the event too on the 25th of January, 2012. If you want to join the party for free, just follow the instructions.

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01/21/2012 8:17am

Wow nice. I'd like to attend that using free tickets (haha), but I do have classes on that day and the following day. Tsaka malayo sa place ko yan :((

05/25/2012 5:19am

Nice designer blog.I really appreciate the writing as well.Thanks for the blog post.

01/21/2012 10:31am

Would love to attend too, but I have other plans on that day. :( Sayang it sounds like fun!

01/21/2012 11:01am

hope flippish can have events here in davao tapos andun si mocha

01/21/2012 12:02pm

sounds interesting, have to check flippish.com

01/21/2012 12:11pm

Name: Clint Andrew Mamuri
Email address (used to subscribe): xoxclint@gmail.com
Direct link to your FB and Twitter post / entry: https://www.facebook.com/ClintAndrewHayanMamuri/posts/215506041871985

01/21/2012 2:16pm

This sounds cool! Too bad I won't be free on that day.. >.< Good luck to the ones joining the giveaway though! :) And have fun!

01/21/2012 3:47pm

Nice! I know Flippish because of Karen. Sucks that I wont get to attend the event because I have work. Good luck to those who'll join the contest!

01/21/2012 3:53pm

goodluck sa mananalo.

01/21/2012 4:10pm

Wow! I do hope it will be a great success!

01/21/2012 5:04pm

never heard about flippish.com yet! hehe im out of the loop, will check on this.. and i want that ticket!! ;-)

01/21/2012 5:13pm

Sounds cool and fun! To the participating individuals, have a blast!

01/21/2012 6:11pm

this is going to be FUN!!!!

01/21/2012 6:47pm

I hope that it will continue to become popular and viral,

01/21/2012 7:22pm

Goodluck to all who would join.
Unfortunately, I am not free on that day.

01/21/2012 7:24pm

Thanks for sharing this. Exciting! :)

01/21/2012 7:27pm

I bet this is going to be a great event! :)

01/21/2012 7:55pm

noks, thank you for sharing this, i' been hearing bout' flippish, Most celebs are here. by the way i'm ashley's fan hehe
are you?


01/21/2012 7:56pm

This is FUN! Enjoy!!!

01/21/2012 8:03pm

Wow parang maganda yan ah... for sure maraming mag aabang nito. I must say Flippish.com is doing their best para makatulong sa mga tao Pinoy sa buong mundo :)

01/21/2012 9:00pm

great way to reach out to the online audience. Salamat for this post.

01/21/2012 11:02pm

Ther's a new tambayan online! Looking forward for the sustenance and success of this project.


I like this promo. This is an entertainment with no-holds bar. I think this is lively, and as what I mentioned very entertainment with a qualified and 'experts hosts. However, in the particular time of its sked, I'm not free, besides that I'm too far from the launching venue.

01/22/2012 6:03am

Too bad I'm too far away from Pinas right now. Hope everyone will enjoy and have fun.

01/22/2012 7:39am

This is very interesting...
I hope this site will make more noise this year

01/22/2012 7:40am

Ivan Saldajeno

01/22/2012 11:06am

Sayang di ako pwede, sana next time mapanood ko din sila! Good luck Noks!


01/22/2012 4:13pm

let the party begin..

01/22/2012 5:31pm

uy sayang to, may trabaho kasi. Pero good luck.

01/22/2012 6:40pm

this is another entertainment to our internet viewers... lakas sigurado ng hatak ng site na to... halos complete package e... Yahweh bless.

01/22/2012 6:54pm

This looks like a great event. Been hearing it a lot lately.

01/23/2012 3:47am

wow I didn't know about this flippish site, thanks for sharing

01/23/2012 4:00am

I can't wait for this! Sounds legit and looks fun! Hope it goes well!

01/23/2012 6:47am

I've seen the video stream... lllooovveee it... thanks for sharing. God bless.

01/23/2012 7:53am

I've seen their site with my flatmate and even here in Qatar some of my friends are watching and connected to The No1 Pinoy Online Video Channel

01/23/2012 8:28pm

wow gudlack nalang...

01/24/2012 3:14am

This blog's content is not for guys of my age. Nevertheless, you did well in your presentation.

01/25/2012 4:09am

I like the concept of this site... sounds interesting and exciting.

01/25/2012 5:26pm

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01/28/2012 1:15am

Haha grabe talaga sa kaseksihan si Karen Bordador. Hahaha! Hmm, tagal ko ng naririnig tong Flippish na to haha

01/28/2012 1:16am

A BC Blogger?



01/31/2012 8:12am

Looks like this was a great party!! Did you go? Will you write an update on what it was like? I'm curious to see how an event like this plays out on the Philippines. It must be glam heaven! Anxiously waiting for the follow-up, Flora

melvin bautista
03/26/2012 5:21pm

ilove your show mocha and mae sarap nyong dlawa graveh

05/17/2012 10:57pm

Wow really very amazing thank you share for your information.

06/22/2012 6:48am

Hey. Fun fun fun....this was my first meet-up. Hope they continue.


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