Hello people! I am excited to pop in to share with you my another creations for Valentine Day! I did a small flower made of corn husks and put it on a bottle so I can share it with my friends this Valentine's Day. Flowers are so beautiful that I even used it as a decor in a gift, check it here. This time, I used the corn husk to create beautiful flowers since the style of my flowers is so conducive to the material I used in this project. I am sure your friends will like this flower in a bottle. 


Dyed Corn Husk
Vial/ Bottle
Flower Tape
Craft Wire
1. Cut the pink/red corn husk into a petal shape. Usually a flower is composed of 5 petals but you can add more if you want.
2. Get a strip of a corn husk and twist it until you make the center of the flower. Glue each petal on the twisted corn husk.
3. Twist a craft wire over the petals to hold the them in place and this will also serve as the stem of the flower.
4. Cut a green corn husk in to a leaf shape. 
5. Cover the craft wire (stem) with a crepe paper or a flower tape and add the leaves on the stem.
6. Put it on a small bottle or vial. You now have a flower in a bottle and you can send it to your friends, families, etc. 
Tips: You can add a ribbon and other design to make it more beautiful and creative. You can also add a small card and put your message on it. This craft is not only a gift for Valentines Day but this can also be a great souvenir in a wedding, debut or birthdays. 
Check other tutorials for different occasions at http://www.siningfactory.com/crafts.html.

If you have good ideas for recycling and crafts and want to share it here, let me know by commenting below. You can also give me an ART CHALLENGE by telling me the materials to use and the artwork you want me to do. :) 


02/12/2012 10:42am

Wow very creative and very nice, I cant help but comment when i saw your post and thanks for sharing! Great

02/12/2012 3:49pm

I love this idea! Btw, how long does it take for the corn husk to be fully dried? =)

02/13/2012 4:54am

wow this is really brilliant, galing mo talaga

02/13/2012 8:29am

I love this! Just in time for the Valentine's! :D

02/13/2012 8:44am

Can I have one? :)

02/15/2012 6:11am

Great idea, you could also share this Valentine's idea on http://thingsrecycledusefully.tumblr.com

02/18/2012 6:47pm

Creative. This also can be a favor for parties.

02/19/2012 7:43pm

Wow! you are so creative! This is a great artwork :)

02/19/2012 9:07pm

Message in the Bottle is too mainstream. Nice job there, bro.

02/22/2012 8:54am

pwede na yan pang give away sa binyag or kasal

02/22/2012 8:55am

You know what, you're every entry in this blog site never fails to amaze me. You are simply creative!

02/22/2012 10:38am

cool, people might also be able to make a living selling those... they look kinda cute...

02/22/2012 10:44am

Hmmm saan ka naman bumili ng bote? Mahirap ata maghanap ng ganyan. May suggestion ako kaibigan. Pwede paki-lagay kung saan mo kinuha o binili ang mga materyales para madali lang gumawa. Nga pala salamat.

02/22/2012 5:58pm

I love this tutorial

02/22/2012 10:32pm

Thanks for the tutorial. I agree that this one is really creative. ^_^

03/11/2012 3:04am

Ang galing, very nice and creative!

02/11/2013 1:30am

Not only ang galing galing mo sa craft making, your pictures make the whole DIY tutorial awesome! Nakakainspire!

05/22/2013 4:50am

its adorable... and you've made it look so easy! great give-away idea.. thanks for sharing.


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