Creating a tree star out of a plastic bottle, when creatively done, can become a beautiful and symbolic decoration for Christmas. beside from saving a lot, it can also last for lifetime and also you can help our environment. 


Plastic Bottles
Stick / String

1. Gather 6 plastic bottles. Empty completely and wash the plastic bottles. Do not dispose the bottle caps. Remove any wrapper covering the bottle. You can use any color of plastic bottles. 
2. Use scissors to cut the bottom part of the plastic bottle. Cut the next bottle with an inch shorter from the first plastic bottle. Do the same  to the remaining bottle until you have the shortest piece.
3. Cut the bottles in 8 strips (or zig-zag) from top to bottom. These strips will serve as the branches/leaves of your tree. You can paint these branches with green. Do the same to the remaining bottles.
4. Poke a hole on each bottle cap. 
5. Stack the bottles on a stick. Begin from the biggest to the smallest piece.
6. Get a vase or anything that can hold the plastic bottles stack. This will serve as a stand so that your plastic bottles Christmas tree will not fall. 
7. Now, you have a Christmas tree made of plastic bottles. It is time decorate it. You can put star on the top or hang Christmas pieces on each branch.
Tips: Always reinvent on your craft. You can use string to stack the bottle caps to have a hanging Christmas tree. You can add ribbon around your tree to make it more beautiful. You can put miniature Christmas decorations to put on it. You can hot glue everything in place so they wont fall.
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11/23/2011 9:01pm

This is a good idea. Will blog about this ha?

11/24/2011 12:59am

Thanks Pinaywriter! Yup! Feel free. Thank you!

11/28/2011 2:03pm

Is this for real? Wow, it's so created of you to come up with this idea.

11/28/2011 2:05pm

Is this for real? Wow, it's so creative of you to come up with this idea.

11/28/2011 4:31pm

wow, I love this! never even thought one's concept for the holidays can turn ordinary bottles into something great for the season!

11/28/2011 4:44pm

wow, this is the first time I've seen something like this. Great idea!! I'll probably try it out.

11/28/2011 6:51pm

Now that's real art :D I have seen other stuff made from empty bottles but never seen this one :D

11/28/2011 7:03pm

ayos to ah, mas tipid to at mas magiging creative ang pasko!

11/28/2011 8:52pm

the whole creativity and the overall outcome of transparent and clear bottles reveal the innate skills and talent of pinoys and our inner resourcefulness. I for one claim for that.

nice idea.

11/28/2011 9:04pm

wow! great idea!you're very creative, thanks! will share this to my kids and 'pamangkins'to try this! advance merry christmas sining factory! :)

11/28/2011 10:41pm

naku sayang, my nephew could have gotten a great project. i will recommend this to my cousin, ang dami kaya naming mga plastic bottles na naglipana sa likod bahay lols.

11/28/2011 11:18pm

Creative and environment friendly art! Clap clap clap

11/29/2011 12:03am

great idea! i'm sure Mother Earth will be happy about this.

11/29/2011 12:45am

Very Creative!
I think there's more you can do with this..
GO GREEN Christmas!

11/29/2011 5:17am

this is sooo nice! :)

11/29/2011 5:51am

grabe ang galing, kaw na!!

11/29/2011 6:06am

I like I like it ang ganda very creative will do this also

11/29/2011 7:16am

Another nice idea on recycling plastic bottles. I may try do this some time.

11/30/2011 12:53am

ganda :)
we also used recycled materials in our school competition of christmas decors.
ang gandang example nito :))

10/23/2012 5:22pm

Good idea.. I will do this also this christmas.. .. Thank you very much.

11/08/2012 2:30am

Good idea, now we are making this craft for our school recycled christmas decorations. Thanks for the idea! We are Filipino!


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